Don and Tracey purchased their vacation home in Canyon Lake, Texas in late 2009, and they thought they would be there more often than not. Tracey being active in the military was called away, and their house on Canyon Lake began to sit vacant despite their wishes. Don and Tracey called Amz and several other companies ultimately deciding to go with Amz Getaways to rent the property during the times when they weren’t able to enjoy it themselves. Don conducted thorough research and compared Amz services to others, and after looking through competitors marketing plans, percentages, and numbers he found the results lacking compared to Amz’s proven track record, and solid numbers. Don and Tracey joined Amz Getaways in 2010, and have had great success year over year.

Owner Testimonial

First, let me start by saying this, what Mike and Melissa Cassel have delivered to our “Serenity Cove” vacation rental business goes far beyond Service and Support. They have treated us as friends and our property as if it were their own property, at times going far beyond what other companies have offered in service. I have seen the interaction with customers when situations were not going as planned and at times advertised, but their willingness to personalize the issue with a sympathetic yet professional approach is refreshing in today’s world of “Me First People” Mike and Melissa are fighters, as they fight for their customers and owners alike. This is highly important as we are a Military Family who in most cases cannot attend to issues at the lake house, but with Mike and Melissa on the case, we have few worries. We are so satisfied with Mike and Melissa’s performance and trustworthiness.

Don and Tracey H.

The Numbers

5 Years with Amz Getaways

861 Nights Booked

$336,257.00 in Revenue


Don and Tracey were impressed with the quality of Amz’s customer service, professional photography, and extensive marketing of their property. They are pleased that Amz Getaways gets them a better booking performance than other property managers.  After 5 years Don and Tracey already made six figures with their house in Canyon Lake.Don and Tracey love every aspect of renting with Amz Getaways and encourage others in the market to give Amz Getaways a call.

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